Raw Pharma is proud to be a veteran owned business. We are honored to have served our country and now to serve you.

What We Do


Raw Pharma has a reputation of making things taste amazing. Not just good…but flavors you are proud of.


We invent amazing ingredient blends to help you in designing your perfect product.


 As a rule, we make things that work…products you can FEEL…. products that produce results.

Turn-Key Solutions

Our core strength of manufacturing merged with our turn-key solutions will blow your mind!

Ok, let’s be serious for a second, your products need to be EXACT. Our GMP and USDA certified manufacturing team will ensure pristine handling and quality of your ingredients and finished products. We test EVERY ingredient supplier for freshness, accuracy, and cleanliness.  Let’s face it, your product helps people…and bad ingredients make people sick.

This is why we don’t cut ANY corners.

Developing new formulas & ingredients.

Our formulation team is the best.  Literally, the best*.  Sexy ingredients meet sophisticated bio/cell targeting nutrient pathways (that is geek for we design your product to actually do something). *mostly our opinion

Top notch science and research.

Let’s face it…everyone thinks their product is the next best thing; we say “PROVE IT.”  At an exceptionally low cost our staff scientists will prove in-vitro (bench top study) or in-vivo (in body study) for your products.  Our team has made actual Pharmaceutical drugs that have gone through FDA Clinical Trials and are on the shelves of pharmacies now.

FDA claims and legal expertise.

The FDA wants to keep people safe….so do we.  That’s why we have a staff attorney who specializes in all things FDA.  We don’t want those guys knocking on your door late at night telling you that your label is out of compliance.  So, we get that label right the first time, cause everyone needs a good night sleep.

Why Choose Raw Pharma?

1. Our central location makes us a prime distribution center, getting your products shipped to you faster. And unlike our competitors, there is no need to make a massive order to receive preferred pricing. We tailor our production schedule to the needs of our clients. Pioneered by our Raw Pharma, Just in Time Manufacturing means that even smaller orders can be produced and delivered on demand!

How it works:

  • You place an open purchase order for the year
  • Fill your order throughout the year as needed
  • Smaller deliveries=Fresher product=Less time and space spent on storage and inventory